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Sykesville, MDLawn Care & Pest Control Services

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We offer lawn care and pest control services to homes and businesses, as well as HOAs, in Sykesville, MD.

We have been providing our services since 1978!

Sykesville, MD, is a quiet, small town in Carroll County. This charming community is filled with various parks perfect for people who want to feel the sun on their skin and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Some of these parks include Harold Burkett Park, Millard Cooper Park, and Jones Park Playground. If you want to learn a thing or two about Sykesville's humble history, you can go to the Gate House Museum to do so!

Our team at Liqua-Grow Turf offers reliable lawn care and pest control services to homes and businesses, as well as HOAs, in Sykesville, MD. Since 1978, our team has helped property owners care for their lawns and prote ct their properties from troublesome pests. Give us a call today at (410) 795-7900 to schedule any of our services!

Get your lawn to its best health with our lawn care services!

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Our team offers lawn care services to maintain the tip-top health of your grass in Sykesville, MD. Learn more about these services below:

  • Lawn Fertilization: This service follows a strict schedule that begins in early spring and runs through late fall to ensure your grass receives all the nutrients it needs to grow strong.
  • Weed Control: Our team will administer pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to target common weeds in Sykesville, like dandelions and clover.
  • Lime Treatments: When you sign up for this service, our crew will perform a soil analysis so we know how much lime to apply on your turf to correctly balance the pH level.
  • Aeration: We will remove cores of soil from your turf to address soil compaction, allowing nutrients, water, air, and sunlight to penetrate the ground and reach the roots of your grass where they are needed most.
  • Overseeding: This service involves spreading tall fescue grass seeds on your lawn to encourage new growth to fill in the bare areas on your turf.
  • Lawn Disease Control: We offer preventative and curative treatments against common lawn diseases in Sykesville, like brown patch, red thread, leaf spot, and fairy ring.
  • Lawn Insect Control: We will help prevent pests like grubs, chinch bugs, armyworms, and sod webworms from infesting and wreaking havoc on your turf through our lawn insect control treatments.
We offer a corrective exterior control program that tackles tree and shrub insects like lace bugs, caterpillars, aphids, and more.

Our pest control services target pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and more.

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Our pest control services will help deter pests from taking residence on your property in Sykesville, MD. Below are all the pest control services we offer:

  • Perimeter Pest Control: We will apply our treatments 2 feet up your building and 2 feet out into your lawn to create a perimeter of protection around your home or business in Sykesville that keeps different pests out.
  • Interior Pest Control: When you sign up for this service, our crew will check your basements and other areas inside your home or business so we know where to apply our treatments for optimum results.
  • Mosquito Control: Our crew will identify areas in your yard where mosquitoes hide and breed and treat those areas, including lush foliage, to significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property.
  • Flea & Tick Control: This service involves treating areas in your yard where fleas and ticks would be hiding. We will visit your property every 75 days to ensure your property in Sykesville has overlapping protection when these pests are most active!
  • Mole Control: We will do a thorough inspection of your yard and place baits near mole tunnels. Then, we'll monitor these baits and mark any fresh tunnels that we notice.
  • Vole Control: To eliminate voles on your property, we'll pinpoint tunnels these pests are using and set snap traps there to eliminate them.
  • Mouse & Rat Control: Our crew uses snap traps and exterior bait stations to eliminate mice and rats from your property.
  • Termite Control: Our liquid barrier applications outdoors and horizontal treatments for indoor infestations will help remove termites from your property.
  • Bed Bug Control: For this service, we will do a thorough inspection of your property to identify bed bug-infested areas. We'll vacuum adult bed bugs and use chemical treatments to help get rid of these tiny pests!
  • Cockroach Control: We vacuum adult roaches, use baits, dust corners, and apply liquid barrier treatments to help eliminate cockroaches from your property in Sykesville.
  • Stinging Insect Removal: Let our professionals safely remove stinging insects like yellow jackets and hornets from your property with this service!

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Our team at Liqua-Grow Turf offers lawn care and pest control services to homeowners and business owners, as well as HOAs, in Sykesville, MD. With 46 years of experience, our professionals have a reputable history of providing top-quality results to our clients, and we look forward to having you experience the difference our services can make! Give us a call today at (410) 795-7900 to sign up for any of our lawn care and pest control services.

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